Why Volunteering Is So Important and...

Why Volunteering Is So Important and Ways You Can Go About Volunteering

by Tiffany Chang
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Volunteering is a valuable pursuit that schools try to encourage at a very young age. Currently, many high schools in Canada even require students to complete a certain amount of volunteer hours before graduating. Nonetheless, although it’s crucial that students are taught to engage with volunteering, it’s arguably just as important to understand the significance of it as well as know how to go about doing so.

Here are the main reasons why volunteering is so important and ways you can go about it:

Why Volunteering Is So Important

Volunteering Can Make a Notable Difference for Others in Multiple Ways

Most, if not all volunteer work can make a positive difference. It could be anything from helping provide necessities for others, such as at a food bank, to volunteering at an elementary school sports day and ensuring that kids have fun while certain events run smoothly. The work you do could also inspire those close to/around you and motivate them to volunteer as well.

It Can Benefit What/Who You’re Volunteering for as Well as You

The organization you’re volunteering for would undoubtedly be grateful for your help, but these opportunities can also benefit you. Not only could you learn/gain new skills and network, it’s advantageous in terms of developing a more enhanced social life, especially if you end up befriending others who are involved/establishing long-lasting relationships. In doing so, this may have a positive impact on your life as a whole. With volunteering, there’s always a possibility of creating strong connections with people.

Ways You Can Go About Volunteering

Start with Finding Opportunities that Involve Things You’re Passionate About

A good way to start volunteering is by looking up opportunities online that involve or are related to things you feel passionate about/have an interest in. If you can find any, they have the potential to be truly enjoyable experiences. To provide an example, if you love animals, you could ask to volunteer at an animal shelter such as the nearest SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) location.

Look for Any Volunteer Work Available near You

Of course, the ultimate goal includes combining a passion while also making a difference. However, this isn’t always the case.  If you’re unable to find a volunteer opportunity that relates to anything your passionate about but still want to volunteer, try approaching an organization(s) whose work is primarily community-related, like the Association of Neighbourhood Houses BC. They will likely have volunteer positions available. Also, by consistently keeping an open mind as you try different things in this respect, there’s a likelihood of discovering a new passion when doing so as a result.

Overall, volunteering entails doing good for people and/or communities. It can make a difference in more ways than one as you are not only given opportunities to help others, but also have much to gain personally as well. From learning new skills to potentially fostering strong relationships with those you work with, there are so many possibilities possessing positive implications. If you remain enthusiastic and consider the advice above, you’re on the right track to pursuing fulfilling volunteer endeavours.

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