Hello from Across the Pond!

Hello from Across the Pond!

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Hello readers! I’m writing to you from across the pond in London. My partner and I ended up on an unexpected European adventure after some issues with open tickets we had with the airline. Long story short, we’re on an impromptu adventure. It’s been splendid, and a much-needed reminder for this risk-averse lad to take more leaps.

As spring gets underway, we’re back with more insights from our fantastic team of writers. While I work remotely, Meghan brings you great advice on traveling abroad to study. Back in Canada, Sarah takes a look at spring snowstorms and how they’re actually a sign of the climate change, not an argument against it. Too busy focused on your school year? Check out Tiffany’s advice on setting goals to make the most of the year. Looking ahead? Avreet’s got you covered with tips for your LinkedIn profile.

We have more articles featured below. Stay tuned mid-month for more interviews and articles. Until then, this train gets off at the next stop, so I better get going!

Anthony Teles, Vice-President

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