The Ups and Downs of Being Employed

The Ups and Downs of Being Employed

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Article Written By Helena Wright

Having a job, no matter what your age, can be quite an experience! Whether it be a good or bad, you will always learn from it, regardless. The biggest reason why having a job is so important is because its much better than the alternative – unemployment. Though unemployment sounds leisurely, it can have its consequences. Unemployment raises the possibilities of depression, especially for young adults.

One of the reasons being so, is that it offers life stability and structure. Having a job means connecting with others and being able to work on your life skills and technical skills, whether it be sympathy, team work, or even something as simple as email communication. Most jobs include communication with co-workers, bosses, costumers, clients etc t… meaning that there is always some kind of social contact. When that social contact is not exercised,, there is a sense of isolation and a feeling of lack of contribution and purpose.  Our jobs can keep us busy all day every day, and if you have a part time job, it is an extra challenge besides your regular school routine.

Aside from mental well-being, holding down a job also means always having an income of some sort Even if it is a couple days a week you are working, it helps, financially. The precarious nature of unemployment means that there is no stable income headed your way. Even if you very much do not enjoy the work you are doing, you are doing something, and something is better than nothing. A future employer will see and recognize that you wish to do something rather than nothing. Whether you believe it to within yourself or not, that shows character.

Overall, having a job can and should be a delightful experience. It should allow you to open doors, maybe some that are not career related but they are connections, regardless. No one will completely love their job. Everyone goes through a period in which they hate where they work, but it is from that you will learn how to navigate yourself for the ultimate job you have always wanted and may have never known you did.  You may not like your boss, a gossipy colleague or co-worker, office politics- the list can go on and on. But, it is up to you to make the most of it and then move on to brighter, greener pastures.

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