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Top Destinations for Canadian Students to Travel to in 2024

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By Natasha Cooper

Whether they are getting away from the cold, visiting relatives, or taking their studies abroad; Canadian students love to travel. And why shouldn’t they? Canadian passports are recognized as one of the most valuable documents in the world, giving their holders the ability to travel to over 180 countries.  Additionally, Canadians generally receive warm welcomes in the many destinations they might travel to due to the generally great global reputation of Canada.  Even if you are simply travelling for fun, going to new places, and experiencing new cultures is a valuable form of education in itself and can equip young people and students with a certain independence and understanding of the world around them.  If you are a Canadian student looking for some recommended places to travel to, here is a list of some of the top destinations for Canadian students.


A 2023 study conducted by American Express revealed Japan seems to be one of the fastest-growing destinations among the Millennial and Gen Z generations. This is not too surprising as Japan has many qualities that may be enticing to younger Canadians. Japan provides its visitors with a glimpse into its culture of rich ancient history and traditions blended with innovative infrastructure and cities. However, this spike in Japanese tourism does not just apply to major cities like Tokyo or Osaka.  Pristine beaches and snowy mountains also attract the masses. More and more avid skiers are seeing Japan as one of the most desirable spots in the world to hit the slopes, which has resulted in growth in their skiing industry.  Japan has a rich history, large cities that are fascinating tech hubs, culinary delights, and beautiful scenery all over the country.  There is much to see and learn in Japan that makes the long trip certainly worthwhile for Canadian students.


Australia is another destination Canadian students might want to consider for their travels abroad. The land down under has plenty to offer, their stunning natural landscape and wildlife provide ample opportunities for exciting and memorable outdoor excursions.  In many ways Australia is quite similar to Canada — they are a former British colony making them English speakers like us, and they have large diverse cities and beautiful, vast scenery. Unlike Canada however, November through to March in Australia brings sunshine and tropical weather, making it an excellent choice for a winter getaway.  There are also many opportunities for Canadians in Australia to both study or work like working holiday visas specifically for people under 34 to be able to go to Australia and work while exploring the beautiful country.

The U.S.

The United States can offer Canadian students many new experiences and opportunities, while also staying fairly close to home.  Our neighbours to the South have no shortage of iconic cities, national parks, and cultural gems to experience. Whether it’s hiking the Grand Canyon, or experiencing the vibrant energy in New York City, The U.S. has something for all kinds of interests or bucket list goals.  Each state has something different to offer, and they all have their own niche histories and specialties to explore.  The U.S. is also a great place for road-tripping, an engaging and often affordable way for students to experience multiple states during one trip to the U.S.  Of course, it should be mentioned that America is also home to some of the world’s top-ranked universities with many scholarships and financial aid programs designated for Canadian students. A trip to the U.S. could also result in valuable networking opportunities that can open doors in the future of a Canadian student.

Japan, Australia, and The U.S. are only a few of the many options Canadian students should consider when making plans to travel abroad.  They all have beautiful sights to see, rich educational options, and distinct cultural identities to learn about.  Regardless of where or why Canadian students travel, it is important to immerse oneself in the cultures of other people.  Embracing the unknown and connecting with people from around the world is key to being both a good student and Canadian.

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