The Power of the Solar Eclipse

The Power of the Solar Eclipse

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With people of all ages looking to the skies (please do so safely!), the much-hyped solar eclipse is happening on April 8th. With everyone sorting out what to do about school, work, commutes, their pets, and more, our daily concerns can seem so small in the face of the cosmos. The sun is unimaginably larger than our little planet, and yet it’s far from the biggest object in the universe. We are smaller than our brains can even understand.

And yet, during the solar eclipse, the moon is going to block out the sun. The little rock that hovers around our planet, itself a dot compared to the sun, is going to block it out — and it has all of us talking about it and excited to watch. It serves as a reminder that we can all have the chance to shine (or, in the moon’s case, darken), and we shouldn’t be intimidated when we feel small. Just like how the moon might look to the Earth, and the Earth to the sun, and so on, there is always going to be someone or something to compare ourselves to. If we’re not careful, we can shatter our confidence and feel like a pale tiny dot in the grand scheme of things.

Whenever that’s the case, just think of the solar eclipse. Think of the moon, and how in the right circumstances, it blocks out a shining star that’s 400 times its size.

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