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Why is attending and participating in events that concern disabilities is so important?

December 1st, 2019; By Kaitlyn Hover

Have you ever heard of the Paralympic and/or the Parapanam Games? These are two worldwide events where people who have differently-abled bodies can participate and show their skills! The Paralympic […]

Turning Anger into Productivity

December 1st, 2019; By author below

By Erin Rebello Whether it’s a poor mark on a test or a falling out with friends, feelings of anger can really take a toll on the teenage mind. With […]

Moving out of the House

November 25th, 2019; By Alexa Cairns

Depending on the type of person you are, moving out can be a good thing, or a bad thing. This can be a very difficult decision and one that takes […]

Why learning at your own pace is ok!

November 25th, 2019; By Kaitlyn Hover

Everyone is different, and therefore, everyone learns a little bit differently! Have you ever been stuck on a task that you were assigned by your teacher that everyone else seems […]

Difficulty Finding Work…

October 30th, 2019; By Susan Huebert

Life can be hard if you have a disability, especially when you want to find work. With the right help, you can still succeed, even with all of the difficulties […]

NEADS.ca Events: November 2019

October 30th, 2019; By NEADS

Organizer: Council of Canadians With Disabilities Title: Empower U: Learn to Access Your Disability Rights Training on Canadian Human Rights, the Convention on the Rights of Person with Disabilities (CRPD) […]

The Many Ways NEADS.CA can Help Students

October 30th, 2019; By Maria Cruz

Everyone is entitled to a proper education. It doesn’t matter where we come from or who we are, education is a fundamental part of our growth and understanding of the […]