«Finance» column

Government Financial Aid: Do’s and Don’ts

November 30th, 2016; By Susan Huebert

These days, getting an education can be very expensive. Tuition can cost thousands of dollars, and living expenses are often also very high. Unless students come from very wealthy families, […]

December 2017 Scholarships: Apply Now!

November 30th, 2016; By Erin Kelly

Odenza Marketing Group Volunteer Award Scholarship Value: $500 Awards Available: 1 Award Deadline: December 30, 2016 Application address: https://www.studentscholarships.org/college.php   FormSwift Scholarship Scholarship Value: $1,000 Awards Available: 1 Award Deadline: […]

Fighting Back Against Student Debt

November 22nd, 2016; By Anthony Teles

Education is a crucial stepping stone towards your future aspirations. Yet what should be of great help to individuals instead has become a burden on many. Due to the importance […]

B.C. Scholarships for University Students

November 22nd, 2016; By Laura Sciarpelletti

British Columbia 4-H Scholarships Valued at $1,000 and available to fourteen lucky but well-deserving students, this scholarship really is applicable to many B.C.-born ones. With vast countryside and agriculturally minded […]

November –December 2016 Scholarships: Apply Now!

October 31st, 2016; By Erin Kelly

10 Words or Less Scholarship Scholarship Value: $500 Awards Available: 1 Award Deadline: December 1, 2016 Anyone who is between the ages of 14-25 who will be attending school in […]

Scholarships: Misconceptions and Why They Really Are Worth Your Time

October 31st, 2016; By Mariann Roberts

There are plenty of misconceptions about scholarships that prevent numerous high school students from applying for them. This results in students missing out on the recognition and money. Let’s tackle […]

How to Apply for Entry Scholarships

October 31st, 2016; By Laura Sciarpelletti

When you apply for post-secondary education it is important to consider all the money that is available for your specific field of study. University is extremely expensive, and with all […]