«Nature Watch» column

Making a Difference for Canada’s Environment

September 29th, 2013; By Jasmin Bollman

When you hear the words “global warming” or “climate change” you might immediately think of its impact on humans and our habitat. But what about the animals living in Canada […]

Getting Your Volunteer Hours the Fun Way

September 29th, 2013; By Sharifa Campbell-Hogg

“40 hours of community service!?” – It does sound like a lot, especially when just entering high school and finding out that it’s absolutely mandatory. The most frequently asked question […]

The Importance of Volunteering

September 26th, 2013; By Phillip Holland

Here are some good reasons to get involved and volunteer! “Why would I bother to volunteer?”, you might think. “Isn’t it better to get a job and be paid for […]

Career Profile: Marine Biologist

September 26th, 2013; By Susan Huebert

Every year, humpback whales travel 4000 kilometres from the ocean around Alaska and British Columbia to the water near Hawaii. Soon afterwards, they turn around and make the return journey. […]

Volunteer Centres in Canada – Get Your Volunteer Hours

September 22nd, 2013; By Gale Blaylock

As you know, all high school students need to have 40 hours of community service in order to graduate. Use this information to discover where your 40 hours can best […]

Incinerating Trash is a Waste of Resources

September 22nd, 2013; By David Suzuki Foundation

Many urban areas have built or are considering building waste-incineration facilities to generate energy. At first glance, it seems like a win-win. You get rid of “garbage” and acquire a […]

Carbon Scrubbers to Clean Up Emissions

August 24th, 2013; By Steven Greenwood

Research into methods of reducing carbon emissions is a continually advancing field, and a team of researchers developed an improved way to remove emissions directly from sources like smokestacks. The […]