Get Your Volunteer Hours the Old...

Get Your Volunteer Hours the Old Fashioned Way

by Connor Thompson
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In order to graduate high school, students must complete 40 hours of volunteer work. Rather than dragging it out over the course of an entire high school career, why not get them all done at once? And for that matter, even learn something while you are at it? If you’re interested thus far, you should look into volunteering with your local history museum.

You will often find that any city’s museum would welcome student volunteers, especially those who have a vested interest in history or plans to continue historical studies into university.

Maja Bannerman, Public Programmer for the Niagara Falls History Museum said that the museum accepts volunteers aged 10 to 80. Bannerman commented that their graveyard tour program in specific attracts many student volunteers, “a lot of the high school students are doing their hours and getting beyond what they need,” she added.

The graveyard tour has students dress up in period clothing and imitate those buried in the Lundy’s Lane Battle of 1814 graveyard.  These students put on three shows per night, every Friday and Saturday for the last three weeks in October. Beyond the official shows, there are numerous dress rehearsals and technical rehearsals throughout September in preparation for the show. Though it is a large time commitment, you could easily complete your volunteer hours by the end of October, and you’d have some great stories to tell from the experience.

Though the Graveyard Tour is only one program at one museum, it is a fine example of an unconventional way to complete your volunteer hours quickly. Beyond getting your required volunteering done, there is enormous opportunity to learn something new about the place you live.

However, your involvement does not have to stop there. By volunteering to the best of your abilities, you can show yourself to be a very useful asset to the museum. If you are particularly talented, it is possible to turn your volunteer position into a future job or career.

“There have been students in the past who have attained paid positions here,” Bannerman said. Making such connections through volunteering can lead to a job, a career, or even just an excellent reference for your resume. It is very important to begin making connections like this while you are still in high school, as they will carry you through your college or university years and into the real world.

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