Published on October 22nd, 2013

How to Get Your Volunteer Hours

October 22nd, 2013; By Gale Blaylock

As you know, all high school students need to have 40 hours of community service in order to graduate. Use this information to discover where your 40 hours can best […]

What to Do With a Gap Year

October 22nd, 2013; By Erik McKay

A gap year is an idea that many may brush off, may overlook, or may not take seriously. Gap years are often thought of as a ‘fallback’ or an alternative […]

The Wonders of Thrift Shopping

October 22nd, 2013; By Michelle Osei-Bonsu

Ever since Macklemore came out with that catchy song (you know, the one that plays on the radio every 30 seconds), thrift shopping has topped the list of Cool Things […]

Your Credit Rating Begins Now

October 22nd, 2013; By Nico Mara-McKay

You begin to establish credit the day you get your first credit card, apply for a student loan, or sign a contractual cell phone plan. How you handle the credit […]

What’s High School REALLY Like?

October 22nd, 2013; By Sheena Osman

For anyone starting high school, it can be an intimidating time. You’re suddenly in an environment where you’re not always surrounded by familiar faces and you have a lot more […]

Get Your Volunteer Hours the Old Fashioned Way

October 22nd, 2013; By Connor Thompson

In order to graduate high school, students must complete 40 hours of volunteer work. Rather than dragging it out over the course of an entire high school career, why not […]

I Think I’m In Love! Handling a Crush

October 22nd, 2013; By Stacy White

Like their first kiss and their first love, most people can remember any number of details about their first real “crush.” The butterflies in their stomachs, the dry mouths, the […]