The Wonders of Thrift Shopping

The Wonders of Thrift Shopping

by Michelle Osei-Bonsu
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Ever since Macklemore came out with that catchy song (you know, the one that plays on the radio every 30 seconds), thrift shopping has topped the list of Cool Things To Do. Even celebrities like Janelle Monae and One Republic’s Ryan Tedder have jumped in on the craze. If you’re a fashion junkie such as myself, you’ll agree with me when I say that second hand clothing stores are glorious.

For those suffering from a lack of variety in their closet, thrifting is the way to go. The clothing at thrift stores are always rich with an odd assortment of colors, fabrics, and prints. It’s the best way to diversify your outfits without spending a fortune. Shopaholics in particular can benefit from taking a trip down to the nearest Goodwill. Buying second-hand clothing is a great way to satisfy your cravings without feeling incredibly guilty afterwards.

A lot of students go the extra mile (or pay the extra mile) to ensure that they have clothes no one else is rocking. However, the easiest and most economically-friendly way to do this is to go thrifting! Second-hand stores are bursting with things that you can’t find anywhere else. There is literally something for everyone, no matter what style you’re currently into. Vintage-lovers, especially, may find themselves salivating at all the cool, old-school articles they have lying around.

There are legions of people who are skeptical about purchasing used-clothing but I urge you to break away from that mindset for the sake of your wardrobe. Who cares if those high-waisted jeans have been worn before? Are you afraid that the previous owner of your gorgeous, tweed blazer is going to bump into you on the street and demand their stuff back?

If you’re still a bit self-conscious, no one has to know that you bought your items second hand. However, you should embrace the fact that you scored an awesome new wardrobe with a handful of change. You’re fabulous and resourceful; learn to love it.

For those who are still a bit unsure about the wonders of thrifting, take a look at what I managed to snag last week at a second-hand store for only $40:

• 4 Blazers
• 2 Winter Cardigans
• 2 Vests
• 2 Tunic Sweaters
• A navy blue dress shirt
• A cute belt
• A floral skirt

I’m still congratulating myself on such a great haul.

With winter coming, this is the perfect time to take your first trip to the local second-hand store. For all the sweater lovers out there, you should know that almost every thrift store you go to will have a ton of lovely grandpa-sweaters in all sorts of colors and patterns. You can pair them with your favourite pair of skinny jeans or neutral tights and some killer combat boots. The possibilities are nearly endless.

So when in doubt, just remember that thrift rhymes with gift. Thrifting is a gift from the higher powers so take advantage of it! Just grab a twenty-dollar bill and prepare yourself for the biggest shopping-high you’ll ever experience.

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