Financial Aid

June Scholarships of the Month – Apply Now!

by Jasmin Bollman

If you’re entering post-secondary in September and you haven’t yet applied for scholarships, don’t fret! There are many for you to choose from, each one tailored to needs of specific […]

Living On A Budget

by Kathleen Gerry

As a young person, your parents are probably paying for most, if not all, of your expenses. Perhaps you have a job, in which case you may be making some […]

How to Write a Scholarship Application Essay

by Mark Gonzales

Getting a scholarship at any leading college or university requires immense preparation for students. One of the most challenging jobs is to submit a well articulated scholarship essay. Admission officers […]

Scholarships and Bursaries for Aboriginal Students

by Métis Nation of Ontario

Bursaries and Scholarships The Aboriginal Financial Officers Association of Canada is dedicated to helping Aboriginals reach the highest standard of excellence in finance and management. AFOA’s initiatives in the development […]

May Scholarships of the Month – Apply Now!

by Jasmin Bollman

May flowers are here, and so are a myriad of new scholarships that will help fund your academic ambitions. No matter what you are studying, there is a scholarship or […]

Covering the Cost of University

by Carly Wignes

University tuition is a huge expense that leaves many students deep in debt by the time they graduate – especially if they choose to live on their own, either in […]