Financial Aid

How do I get a Bank Loan for my Education?

by Laura Sciarpelletti

Post-secondary education is not cheap, and unfortunately many students do not have the funding to go throughout their educational careers without going into debt. In Canada, an average post-secondary education […]

Do I Have to be Smart to Get a Scholarship?

by Laura Sciarpelletti

There is a difference between being smart and being ambitious. A lot of people in high school think that being smart means being academic. That is not the case. Everyone […]

Does Income Really Matter?

by Anthony Teles

As children, we dream of a myriad of careers. We leap from astronaut to actress on a whim and go with whatever makes us happiest. As adults, careers are traversed […]

How to Write a Scholarship Thank You Letter

by Jingwei Chen

I have a confession: I was only recently made aware of how important thank you letters are to show appreciation for the individuals and companies funding your scholarships. I am […]

How to Get a Great Scholarship Recommendation Letter

by Meghan Brown

Letters of recommendation are an essential part of many scholarship applications.  They provide a way for the scholarship award committee to learn about you from people who know you personally, […]

Tips on How to Fill out Scholarship Applications

by Jason LeBlanc

Completing scholarship applications can be scary if you’ve never had to fill one out before! Many students scramble to submit applications, sometimes not knowing how to put their best effort […]