Financial Aid

Scholarships: It’s Not Just About Academics Anymore

by Rochelle C. Pangilinan

Today’s tuition fees are higher than ever. Many students and parents alike scramble for ways to fund college and/or university education. While student loans are available throughout the country, the […]

July-September Scholarships: Apply Now!

by Erin Kelly

For most, summer has begun. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any scholarships to prepare for! When it comes to financing your future, you should always be looking ahead. New scholarships […]

Money and You; What is Your Future Worth?

by Erin Kelly

When I got my first job at the fast food restaurant, McDonalds, I was 14 years old. I was paid a “student wage” of $6.45 per hour. That may seem […]

Government Grants For Students in Canada

by Erin Kelly

Money is always hard to come by when getting ready for University or College. Thankfully, the Government of Canada can help students at different income levels, achieve their educational goals. […]

I Didn’t Get a Scholarship… Now What?

by Teodora Pasca

Money should not, under any circumstances, serve as a barrier to education, yet the reality for many students can be quite different. Faced with consistently increasing tuition, student fees, and […]

June 2015 Scholarship Listings: Apply Today!

by Erin Kelly

Wait! School isn’t over, yet! There are tons of great scholarships to consider for June and the coming months. I know you probably don’t even want to think about it, […]