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Changing Responsibilities: The Leap From Elementary School To High School

October 31st, 2016; By Jack Blare

The transition between elementary or middle school to high school is a big one. As you grow older and move into high school-level classes, your responsibilities will change as well. […]

Are You A Solo Studier, or a Group Studier?

June 26th, 2015; By Meghan Brown

Effective study skills are essential to learning from your class readings, homework, and lectures. To get the greatest benefit from your study time, it is useful to know which type […]

Meditation and You

June 26th, 2015; By Nizanth Navaratnarjah

Meditation and the awareness of it is growing in Canada and western countries. Many centers, places and groups have been formed to practice meditation in a formal and informal way […]

Becoming a 911 Operator

April 29th, 2015; By Susan Huebert

You and your friends probably know that when someone is injured or in danger or otherwise needing assistance, they can call 911 and someone will come to help. It might […]

Dream Jobs: Ballerina

April 12th, 2015; By Laurel Walsh

Brooke Nagy is an 18 year old on a fast-track to becoming Canada’s next prima ballerina. Becoming a professional ballet dancer was not a decision Brooke made on a whim. […]

Embrace Your Weirdness

April 12th, 2015; By Jamie Hadland

A lot of people spend time trying to fit in. They don’t want to stand out or be considered different, weird, awkward or strange. Having the same clothes, interests and […]

The Road to Self-Acceptance

April 12th, 2015; By Teodora Pasca

How’s your self-esteem doing? If you’re like me, you tend to see the best in others—and the absolute worst in yourself. Self-acceptance can be a difficult concept to wrap your […]