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Six Tips For Getting A Scholarship

December 1st, 2021; By Mason Butterfield

A lot of college students end up with nothing but debt even before they graduate. The option of a scholarship has always been a number two priority when it comes […]

Perfecting the Art of the Job Interview

March 31st, 2017; By Sheena Osman

Ah, the job search. Endless applications, emailing resumes…it seems like a never-ending process! However, scoring an interview is just a matter of time and being patient. When you finally do […]

Tips for Writing the Perfect Paper

March 31st, 2015; By Teodora Pasca

The perfect paper is a true work of art. It’s perfectly organized and has a clear, structured flow from thesis to conclusion. It has a flawless bibliography and citations, with […]

High School Exam Prep

January 31st, 2015; By Teodora Pasca

Are you ready for your exams? High school exam periods can vary, but they typically occur either at the end of the year (for non-semestered schools), or at the end […]

University Exam Prep

November 29th, 2014; By Teodora Pasca

Before you can escape the stress of school and enjoy the winter break, you have to pass finals! You’re not alone. University students all over the country are cracking under […]

Writing a Resume: The Basics

October 31st, 2014; By Teodora Pasca

An employer can shuffle through hundreds of job applications every day. How do you make sure yours stands out? Writing a resume is the first step to landing your dream […]

Resume Writing Tips

September 30th, 2014; By Kathleen Gerry

Whenever you are writing your resume, you want to be sure to have five important points accounted for. 1) Include relevant information,  2) Always have up-to-date information, 3) Stay consistent […]