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Applying to an International Scholarship Opportunity; Am I ready to move?

by Erin Kelly
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If you are about to apply for an international scholarship, you may want to really think about it before you hit the send button. International scholarships are not for everyone, and especially not for those who get homesick after being away for two days. In order to really commit to your application and to your education, you must imagine what your life might be like over-seas before you make the leap. Of course, nothing really turns out to be what you imagined, but it helps to cultivate questions you may not have had beforehand.

Questions to ask yourself before you start applying to International Scholarships:

Do I like to fly/travel?

Some people love to travel. They get on a plane and fly wherever they can. You might not like flying or spending long hours in airports. If you go over-seas for school, you will most definitely be spending time on a plane. You will also be on your own trying to navigate your way through a country you have never been in before. Maybe they don’t speak English and you will have to find other ways of communicating. It is up to you on whether you will be able to meet these challenges head on, or avoid them altogether. If these things make you very uncomfortable-being in a strange land where you don’t know anyone- you might want to re-think your choices of where you will go to school.

Do I mind being away from family and friends for long periods of time?

Going over-seas for a scholarship opportunity can be an adventure. However, if you get homesick often when you are away from your family and friends, it might be difficult for you to adapt. Some students are away for six months before they are able to visit their families again. If there are cheaper ways for you to go back home, that would be the ideal. However, you often have to pay your own way to go back home and visit which can end up costing you thousands of dollars. If you are OK with not seeing your loved ones for a year, you will be OK with taking up an over-seas scholarship. There are ways for you to still communicate with your family and friends if you are far away; phone calls, texts, emails, Skype, Facetime, etc.

Is the school/ international scholarship I am applying for up to my standards?

There are tons of different international scholarship opportunities for Canadian students. The question is; which one is for you? You have to weigh all your options. Try literally LAYING THEM OUT on the floor in front of you, including pro and con lists for each school. Really step back and look at them. Conquer and divide. Don’t waste time on applications that don’t have everything you want. You may have to compromise a bit, but don’t have more cons than pros on your chosen lists. Moving away from the life you know and entering into a new one is a big decision and you don’t want to waste precious time.


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