Bridging the Gap: Women in Skilled...

Bridging the Gap: Women in Skilled Trades

by Erin Kelly
Jobs People Do | JobsPeopleDo.com

A documentary by Elizabeth Smith, in association with Rogers TV

In this awesome documentary, we get to see hardworking, dedicated women working in the trades industry of Canada. It is a helpful summary of women that have made extraordinary leaps in the trades industry, building a great reputation for excellence, accuracy and attitude. The 23 minute documentary goes over the things you have to do, have or acquire in order to become a trades-woman. It sheds a very positive light on women and their future in the trades, and what kind of obstacles you may have to overcome in order to reach your goals. Being a trades-woman is not only a good vocation, but a really great way to make a living, financially.

Presently, the video states that only 4% of people in the trades are women. An interesting and challenging trade for women is high pressure welding and fitting. In the documentary, you will meet the first woman to work on the pipeline in Canada, Courtney Chard. As it stands, male pipeline fitters make up 99.1% of the trade, where women make up .9%. These numbers can rise if we all learn more about the opportunities available, and “take gender out of the equation”. Courtney presses that if you like hard work and an honest, decent pay check, you can do it. You will face challenges with other male workers, but if you can brush those trivial things off, you will do well.

You will also meet Lynn Mackinlay, a certified Red Seal Cabinet Maker from Nova Scotia. She presses that if you have an understanding of the oppression issues that women face in the trades, you will be able to accept any challenges faced. Lynn says that it is often a cultural and systemic issue when it comes to women working in the trades, and we need to look past it. This is a strange stigma, because women have been literally working in the trades since the 40s during the war.

So, check out this Rogers documentary and learn all you can about working in the trades- they’re waiting for you!



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