March Madness!

March Madness!

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March break is around the corner; right about now you might be thinking that you really need a break. You’ve been working hard through all these winter months and it has been trying. March break is a time to regenerate and rejuvenate! Take that time to read a book you haven’t had time for; learn about a topic or subject you haven’t got a chance to explore.

March’s issue of JPD is really special; we have a a few Medical Science career profiles

you may have never heard or thought about, including Bioinfomatics Scientist and Cardiovascular Profusionist! We also want to tell you about how to get over a bad day, how to learn an instrument and how to prepare for post-secondary Frosh Week.

JPD is still opening its doors to any students that want to write, contribute and share their experiences. Don’t be shy! Submit your inquiry and you might see it in next month’s JPD issue!

Email us at JPDeditor@magiclanternmedia.com

Stay safe!

Erin Lynne Bouman

Content Editor

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