Financial Aid for Ontario Students in...

Financial Aid for Ontario Students in the Skilled Trades

by Jingwei Chen
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Education is increasingly expensive. It is well worth the time you spend researching and applying to scholarships, grants, and other financial aid. If you are a student in Ontario and studying a skilled trade, you should definitely look into the following scholarships.

Apprenticeship Grants

The federal government offers two Apprenticeship Grants: an Apprenticeship Incentive Grant and an Apprenticeship Completion Grant. Apprentices have many expenses: tuition, travel, and tools—these grants can help you cover any of these costs. The AIG is a maximum $2000 grant to help apprentices get started, while the ACG is a $2000 grant that helps apprentices transition into the next stage of their career, as journeypersons. Note that these grants are only for Red Seal trades.

Apprenticeship Completion Bonus in Non-Red Seal Trades

After reading about the federal Apprenticeship Grants, you may be wondering: well, what if the trade I’m interested in pursuing is not a Red Seal trade? You’re in luck! The Ontario government offers an Apprenticeship Completion Bonus in Non-Red Seal Trades. As the name implies, you are eligible for this bonus of $2000 if you have completed your apprenticeship training and received the corresponding Certificate of Apprenticeship and if available, Certificate of Qualification.

Apprenticeship Scholarship

The Ontario government offers a $1000 Apprenticeship Scholarship. This is intended to assist aspiring apprentices, who may use the money to help them attain the necessary academic credentials to start their apprenticeship. The successful scholarship applicant will receive the first $500 when registered in the courses necessary for upgrading. The remaining $500 will be released when the student has become a registered apprentice.

Women in Skilled Trades and Information Technology Training

This Ontario grant aims to increase the number of women entering the skilled trades and information technology fields. The Ontario Women’s Directorate funds unemployed or underemployed women, giving them the opportunity to gain pre-apprenticeship training. Completing this program in the skilled trades stream allows these women to enter various apprenticeships in this industry.

Note that the above grants and scholarships do not need to be paid back. That is like free money! Every dollar of financial aid will help you succeed as you embark on or continue your career in the skilled trades.


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