November Prep

November Prep

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As I sit here this Halloween night, the rain is pouring and the cold chill of Winter is creeping in. The purgatory we find ourselves in before winter is odd and can make us feel disorientated at times…waiting for the snow to fall and the year to end. Preparing ourselves mentally and physically for the long winter ahead can ease any anxieties created by end of the year tests and exams at school, and much more. This November, take the time to relax within the stillness of the changing season- the calm before the storm!

This month, dig your heels into: how to reduce your carbon footprint, 10 new scholarships, reducing test anxiety, student co-op experiences,how to embrace a positive mindset during the school year, and much more. Be sure to check out each category and find new and updated career profiles.

Until December, Take care!

Erin Kelly

Content Editor

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