The Many Ways NEADS.CA can Help Students

The Many Ways NEADS.CA can Help Students

by Maria Cruz
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Everyone is entitled to a proper education. It doesn’t matter where we come from or who we are, education is a fundamental part of our growth and understanding of the world.

Despite these obvious facts, it can sometimes be difficult for people to get the resources they need to find the education system that suits their needs. Well, that’s where NEADS comes in. NEADS, otherwise known as the National Educational Association of Disabled Students provides those with disabilities everything they need to excel.

If you pop over to their website, you’ll see the plethora of information available. On their homepage, you’ll have access to dozens of articles on disabled rights, NEADS’ new hires, and school system news.


Their education tab gives students all the information they need on how to succeed in their post-secondary careers.

For example, did you know that the NEADS National Student Awards Program offers students with disabilities monetary awards to encourage higher education? Five different amounts exist, ranging from $5000 – $1000 each.

NEADS also has a bunch of different resources for students fresh out of high school. Everything from federal programs, transition programs, and funding and scholarship programs can be found on their site. They also offer additional resources, like books and websites to check out for more information on the transition process.

Of course, we could all use a little scholarship money now and then. NEADS can help students with that as well. Their sister site, Disability Awards, is a place made specifically for students with disabilities. There, you can search their database for scholarships available to students with disabilities across Canada.


NEADS is a place to go for information on employment, too. Students can visit the site for news on upcoming workshops, lists of career centres, and articles on employment.

Additionally, they have document to help you if you ever need to file a complaint. The piece comes available in a downloadable Microsoft Word file, so you’ll always have it stored on your computer.

Additional Resources

This site is a terrific place for students with disabilities. You’ll be able to look up a ton of different articles in their FAQ section. The site can help you with topics on:

  • financial assistance support
  • student resources and groups on campus
  • where to find textbooks in alternate formats
  • what accommodations are usually in place for post-secondary students

Similarly, they have a video library where students can go to learn about career paths, custom assistive devices, branding resumes, and how to disclose disabilities.


Whether you’re a student fresh out of high school or someone looking for more information on employment, NEADS can help you. The association and its website ensure they have everything you’re looking for, no matter which stage of your journey you’re in.

You also have the option to subscribe to their newsletter. Simply provide your email and name for exclusive access to all their new articles and resources.

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