Career Profile: Ski Lift Mechanic

by Susan Huebert

Imagine what it would be like to carry someone up a mountain slope. Very few people could do that on their own, but they can if they work as ski […]

Make Them Laugh: A Career in Comedy

by Anthony Teles

You know how to make them laugh. Witty retorts roll off your tongue. All your friends know you as the funny one. A career in comedy looks to be in […]

Changing Responsibilities: The Leap From Elementary School To High School

by Jack Blare

The transition between elementary or middle school to high school is a big one. As you grow older and move into high school-level classes, your responsibilities will change as well. […]

STEM Career Profile : Film and Video Editor

by Laura Sciarpelletti

The position of film and video editor–which is usually a freelance position–is the technical side of a creative field. This career requires you to be precise and systematic; you would […]

STEM Career Profile: Astronomer

by Anthony Teles

The darkness of the night sky illuminates the countless stars, planets, and more that populate our universe. But have you wondered how we know all this? How can we measure […]

STEM Careers Profile: Industrial Psychologist

by Laura Sciarpelletti

Humans are fascinating creatures that spend most of their time in the workplace trying to make a living. Are you curious about why and how people act the way they […]