Conclusion: Laughing your way thin

Conclusion: Laughing your way thin

by Gale Blaylock
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Having gratitude for what you have.

By increasing your awareness of gratitude it stops the merry-go-round of always needing “more” to feel satisfied. Continuing having gratitude for what you have has the amazing benefit of making it possible to get and keep more of what you want.
We all make the mistake of taking for granted the things we truly value, and focus instead on all the things we do not yet possess. Focusing on what we do don’t have makes us distressed and miserable. When you want more fun in your life you begin by celebrating your wins and enjoying what you already have because that will make you weight loss and other achievements, lasting and real.
Smiling will fool your body and attract fun. Taking yourself lightly releases you from the oppression of your impractical expectations. Staying focused teaches you to use food for nourishment rather than fun. And having gratitude for what you have allows you to fill your emotional void with fun and gratitude rather than food.


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