Latest News !

Latest News !

by Gale Blaylock

JobsPeopleDo.com is pleased to announce their new alignment with Distribution Access. Distribution Access has been providing schools, libraries, businesses, community organizations and life-long learners with award-winning multi-platform productions on a wide variety of subjects.

The Access Learning service, www.accesslearning.com has added a Careers section on their educational streaming site, in addition to their existing 40,000 video learning segments supporting all K-12 subjects.

JobsPeopleDo.com is expanding their video section to include below each video, the schools offering correlating courses. This expansion will be the largest data base of its kind in Canada. We will be uploading this additional content for each category weekly, to completion.

Deciding what to do with your future can be a daunting task. Check out the 540 career videos to see what jobs people do, then check the profile for approx. pay scale.

What’s in your future ?


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