Laughing your way Thin ( part 2 )

Laughing your way Thin ( part 2 )

by Dr. Nance Macleod Phd NMD DNM
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Be willing to laugh with and at yourself

This is not a step of humiliation or self-defamation because those things are definitely not fun: it is a strategy of being willing to take yourself lightly. Easing your harsh expectations you impose on yourself, realizing some of your self-administered anxiety, sets the stage for amazing personal gains.
At this step you will make an intentional effort to take your self and your expectations less seriously. You will adopt a kindlier stance toward your fears and inconsistencies because you have been much too hard on yourself. The results will be remarkable lightness (both metaphorically and literally) of mind, body, and spirit.
Combined with your commitment to go the extra smile, you will find your use of food to calm and comfort yourself almost extinguished because talking you self lightly helps you see your self as literally, less “ heavy “

Stay Focused

This step makes the most impressive difference in you actual eating habits and provides the mechanics of your weight loss. By staying focused you keep grounded in the moment, the here and now, because it challenges you to give 100% attention to what you are dong right now. Staying focused provides the dramatic weight loss break through you’ve been waiting for because your whole paradigm of eating is about to change.
You do this by not engaging in any other activity while you’re eating. Activities that have commonly accompanied your eating are to be avoided while putting food in your mouth t- including reading, watching television, or socializing at get- togethers. With the exception of reasonable table conversation, eating becomes a focused activity for you. Not connected with any other behavior because you are about to stop the principal cause of your weight gain.

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