Published on January, 2012

Success and Your Mindset – How To Achieve Goals, Keep Learning, And Stay Positive In Your Self Talk

January 31st, 2012; By Kara Peder

Writing down your goals is crucial. Keep a notebook where you can write down exactly what you want to achieve. This has been tested and measured for more than seventy-five […]

The Part-Time Job Experience

January 31st, 2012; By Jasmin Bollman

When looking for a part-time job, you don’t have to settle for just anything. There are many jobs that are tailored specifically for students that will also help you to […]

Volunteer Tears

January 31st, 2012; By Giulio Rocco

Second semester is creeping its way into your life, pressure from exams have fled, and you are starting as fresh as an untouched blanket of winter snow (depending on your […]

Top 8 Canadian Employers for Youth

January 31st, 2012; By 0 Backup WordPress

Out of school and looking for the right job? Well, Jobs People Do (JPD) is excited to announce the winners of our Top 8 Employers for Youth Awards! Through a […]

I Want to be a Robot: Discovering Career Choices at an Early Age

January 31st, 2012; By Laurel Walsh

Miss Inglis’ kindergarten class at Parliament Oak elementary school had to answer a special question this week. The question: what do you want to be when you grow up? The study of […]

Becoming an Architect

January 31st, 2012; By Architecture Canada

What is Architecture all about? Architecture is the art, the science and the business of building. Architects create homes, office towers, schools and churches. They are talented people with a […]

Where Are the Bees?

January 31st, 2012; By Erica Cooper

Pollinators Did you know that pollination is one of the most important ecological processes on the planet? This basic transfer of pollen from the male parts (anther) of a plant […]