If You Can Dream it – You Can Do...

If You Can Dream it – You Can Do It!

by Phani Kumari
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Ever wondered what stopped you from getting it when you thought you still had it. The first ‘it’ refers to your goals. The second ‘it’ refers to your inner potential. The inner potential I am talking about refers to an amazing abyss of infinite energy, which when channelized and utilized can lead to a fulfilled life. The secret in getting hold of this infinitesimal energy is the ‘the law of attraction’.

I was watching ‘The Secret’, a film created by Rhonda Byrne.  All of a sudden, I discovered this powerful secret: its ingenious nature caught my attention, ‘the law of attraction’.

Every living and non-living being on this planet knowingly or unknowingly lives by a set of laws defined by the universe, the law of attraction being one of them. Simple as it may sound but is very powerful. Let me make its understanding simpler: ’like attracts like’. All experiences we encounter on a day-to-day basis, be it the good ones or the bad ones, are the result of our own thoughts. Shocking as it may seem, in actuality, this is true.

Positive thoughts result in positive experiences. The opposite also holds good. Negative thoughts result in negative experiences. A question may arise as to how to monitor one’s thoughts. The solution is right here: observe your feelings! The feeling of being low, feelings of depression, anger, hatred, resentment, and jealously are all the result of negative thoughts which result in negative experiences. Similarly feelings of love, passion, generosity, empathy, and courage result in a positive ebb and thus project positive experiences on the stage of life as we live it. Winston Churchill rightly said, ‘we create our own universe as we move along’.

Having discovered this powerful secret, I decided to experience it. I was put in situation where I could not be physically present with my father who suffered from a peculiar kind of skin disease. Symptoms of this disease included peeling of the epidermis which caused itching and bleeding. Doctors diagnosed it as a condition due to continuous exposure to dry environments and minute particles of dust.

Every night before I slept, I would picture my father in a condition of perfect health, happy and joyful: like attracts like. I pictured him telling me about his disease being cured. The events that followed were astonishing to me but methodical according to the universal law of attraction. In about a week’s time, there was an unexpected call from my father. He seemed happy and excited.  He began to tell me about the unexpected cure he saw; the regular itching and bleeding suddenly stopped. All was well.

My happiness knew no bounds. It was the joy of being able to help my near and dear ones in their hour of need. It was the joy of discovering a way to create my own universe. . The universe transcends to create that what you want. That lies in the power of your very thought, the power to attract something good.

Thoughts directly relate to feelings. You could begin to feel good, you could begin to feel rich, you could begin to feel loved, you could begin to feel appreciated – you could begin to feel everything you want. The universe would correspond and draw the parallel to you. Your life would become a phenomenon and people around would watch in amazement as you unfurl it in its perfection.






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  1. monisha says:

    fantabulous job phani..!!! keep it up..

  2. aah says:

    fantastic article phani,very informative

  3. Friend says:

    Awesome.Keep it up.

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  5. Praveen Kaushik says:

    Excellent article… I do feel low, get very negative sometimes even though I know it is not the right way to approach difficult situations.
    Need to have that positive attitude for all occasions. Will definitely try doing that….
    Thanks for sharing the experience….

  6. jai says:

    Very informative

  7. kisha says:

    excellent job phani … keep rocking ….

  8. Monika says:

    an optimistic approach of life being ignited in my new life too…
    amazing article 🙂

  9. Vidya says:

    Inspiring article Phani.. I hope U r article may bring change atleast in few ppl..
    xpecting few more articles frm U…. keeeep rocking al de time..

  10. Yale Wang says:

    I would agree that at certain times, what you think basically becomes what you see. I also like writing down my thoughts at the time.

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