See it, Think it, Have it !

See it, Think it, Have it !

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Creative visualization is the process of generating images in your mind, and is often used as a tool for self-improvement and stress relief. Athletes, celebrities and successful people from all walks of life have touted visualization as an effective way to improve performance, enhance skills and boost confidence.

As far fetched as it may seem, visualization can actually help you to overcome fears and strengthen your ability to do anything you desire because your subconscious mind accepts these visions as real experiences – just as it would if you were physically engaging in such a reality. Athletes in particular swear by the effectiveness of mentally going through their practice exercises numerous times in order to enhance their physical performance – but visualization can be a powerful aid in any endeavor; not just athletics.

Below you’ll find a few tips to help you make your visualization practice as powerful and effective as possible:

1)Make your visualizations very detailed.

Rather than simply visualizing yourself in a better situation than you’re in now, try seeing more details of the new situation you wish to experience, such as the type of clothing you’re wearing, the size and state of your body, the other people around you, the details of your home or career, and so on. The more detail you can infuse into your visions, the more “real” they will seem, and the better your subconscious mind will be able to believe them.

2)Visualize frequently and consistently.

Visualization is like any positive habit; the benefits build up the more you do it! If you visualize sporadically, your results will be equally sporadic. Instead, set a specific time for visualization every day – even if it’s only for 10 minutes at a time. Make it your priority to stick to this time except in the case of an emergency, and you’ll see results much more quickly.

Even better, try to perform “mini-visualizations” several times a day while you’re going about your normal activities. Simply pause for a few moments, close your eyes and recall a positive image that makes you feel happy and optimistic about some aspect of your life. This will help keep your focus strong and minimize any negativity you pick up during the course of your normal routine.

3)Use lots of emotion.

The feelings you experience while performing your visualization exercises are more important than the images you see in your mind. For example, if you’re imagining yourself as a successful business person, try to make sure you’re feeling the feelings that correspond with such a vision, such as confidence, empowerment, satisfaction and success! The stronger you can make your emotions, the more effective your visualizations will be – and the more likely you’ll be to think and act in ways that bring them forth into your physical life.

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