What to Bring to a Dorm

What to Bring to a Dorm

by Giulio Rocco
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The summer break is coming to an end, and with it the coming of a new school year. For some, moving is an ample excuse for acquiring those “moving away jitters”, and for others, well, they probably can not wait to get out of their parents house and on to life in residence. Either way, youʼre going to have to pack some essential items for your stay. Here are some tips that will hopefully make that new house into a home.

I donʼt know about you, but the first thing I think of when I get home is getting comfortable! Especially for those long days you just want to sleep in. Make sure you bring your most leisurely clothing and sleeping gear for your room. This includes pajamas, pillows, and blankets.

If you are one of those “home bodies” that has to move away, bring something from your old room that reminds you of home. Getting homesick is quite common in the beginning weeks of school, so bringing a keepsake (as corny as that sounds) from your old house may help if you through that sometimes tough moving in phase.

Personalizing your room should be your next priority. Make sure your room is a statement about yourself, even if that statement is an understatement. Dress it up using posters of your favourite movies, books, bands, and art. Bring your favourite books and records to share with your peers. Even display your own art! The point is, itʼs your room, feel free to express yourself in any way! Create a personal statement when your peers walk into that room.

Have a hobby? One thing you will want to do while you are in your dorm is try and get your mind off that school pressure that grinds the best of our spirits down.

Brining a small hobby to your room may be a healthy distraction for yourself. For example, playing an instrument like the guitar, or even something as obscure as knitting. As long as it is easy to bring along on the move up, donʼt think twice about bringing it.

With the internet being an essential part of life now, bringing a laptop or personal computer is quite an obvious candidate for this list. In fact a laptop would be highly recommend over a computer tower. You can not only get work done in the comfort of your own room but also the portability of a laptop will allow you to take notes in lecture, and do work in your campusʼ library.

If you are as paranoid and protective as I am, you may want to bring some kind of small lock or safe to keep important things in. Sometimes the life in residence can be rather open concept, (people walking in and out of your room when you are not there etc.) so knowing that things important to you are stowed away somewhere is just one more thing to do to put your mind at ease.

The next and final two things you will need are essential: proper hygiene and manners. If you donʼt bring these two things to the table you may be in for a dismal residential experience. Make sure to keep not only yourself neat, but the place you live in too. Work with your roommates to keep your spot on campus neat and hospitable.

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