Fresh Air Is Good For You

Fresh Air Is Good For You

by Erik McKay
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Fresh air is good for you; it’s as simple as that. High school, college, university, academia or whatever path you choose to follow can be tiring and stressful. Long hours combing through forgotten history textbooks, memorizing flow charts and questioning minute details of your latest assignment can, and often will, be central to your formal education. So take a break – get outside!

This isn’t a new concept. Many of us were fortunate enough to have parents push us out the backdoor when we were younger despite how much we wanted to watch just five more minutes of television or play one last level of our video games. Apparently they were right after all.

With our technological era, the roles, responsibilities and resources of and for students are increasingly found behind the warm glow of a computer screen. Though such advances allow access to information and creates communication possibilities that our parent’s generation could never have dreamed of, it’s important not to forget the world beyond online academic databases, social networks and online video.

Whether it’s a walk to the grocery store, a jog or finding a spot in a nice piece of shade, the outdoors can prove to be a welcome change from the fluorescent lighting, long lectures and minuscule texts typically found on campus.

If you’re having trouble concentrating, how about a walk? If you’re experiencing a mental block, try working in a different environment (maybe your back porch?). Getting fresh air doesn’t necessarily mean excessive physical strain or avoiding your academic responsibilities. It can be as simple as sitting on a lawn chair or taking the scenic route back from your classes. It can be a welcome break, a stress reliever or just plain fun.

Being outside, and physical activity, has its obvious benefits as well. One issue that many students face, particularly when beginning their post-secondary studies, is malnutrition and the dreaded weight gain of the “freshman 15”.

For the first time, especially if going away for school, you will be in charge of your own physical fitness and for many this can be difficult. Sometimes there are too many temptations in the school cafeteria, or the ease of fast food during exam time is far too alluring. Physical fitness and personal well-being is an important part of student life and one that is often understated.

So get outside! Whether for your physical well being, to help cope with academic stress and emotions or just for some fresh air, don’t forget there’s a world outside of the school’s facilities.

You won’t regret it, I promise.

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