Deciding Where to Volunteer

Deciding Where to Volunteer

by Kathleen Gerry
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Like many students, you will need to acquire 40 hours of volunteer work before you are able to graduate. So where do you begin?

When choosing the best place for you, there are a few considerations that you should keep in mind. The first thing to consider is location. Whether you are getting a ride from your parents, driving yourself or taking the bus, you are going to want to select a location that is convenient and accessible for you. You will want to choose something that will not be a headache to get to every time you have a shift because this could affect your attendance at your volunteer placement and potentially lead to an unfavorable outcome. By selecting a location that is convenient, you are that much closer to a successful volunteer placement.

The next aspect to consider about your vounteer placement is the type of work that you will be doing and how the volunteering will benefit you. To find out more about the nature of the position you will apply for, you can check the company website or call the contact number and speak with someone directly. It is helpful if there is a position description that you can refer to, however keep in mind that this is not always the case. A description of the position will help you to identify if it is a good fit for your interests and skills. Choosing something that fits with your personality can help you to stay motivated and feel that you are doing a good job at your volunteer placement. This is a very fulfilling and rewarding feeling.

In choosing a position, you may want to be adventurous and try something that you are not good at in the hopes that you might learn something new about yourself or develop a new skill. If you are choosing to be adventurous, be sure that you are being realistic about how much of a challenge the activity will be for you. Remember that you are looking for personal growth as well as looking to make a meaningful contribution to the organization that you are going to be volunteering with. Choosing something that is difficult but realistic in terms of the skills required is the best way to have a rewarding experience.

By choosing a volunteer placement that is in a convenient location for you and that either fits your skills nicely or will present you with a reasonable challenge, you are setting yourself up for personal and professional growth. You can also look forward to a positive reference from your volunteer placement, providing you with an overall rewarding experience.

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