Skilled Trades Workers Key Drivers of...

Skilled Trades Workers Key Drivers of Canadian Economy

by Train in Trades
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Nearly half of Canadians don’t know how to install a faucet, replace a zipper or change a flat tire, a new survey has found.

“There’s a serious underlying message here that many Canadians are lacking basic, practical knowledge when it comes to completing everyday skills, admitting they require help,” Skills/Competences Canada CEO Shaun Thorson said in a release about the survey.

The survey, conducted April 12 to 16, asked 1,011 Canadians in telephone interviews whether they could complete certain tasks. The results are considered accurate to within 3.1 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

The Harris/Decima survey found 46% of Canadians don’t know how to install a bathroom or kitchen faucet, while 14% said they have no idea how to turn off the water main in their home.

When it comes to fixing their clothes, 45% of Canadians said they can’t replace a zipper. This percentage jumped to 63% when just the men were counted.
About a third of Canadians – 31% – don’t know how to install a light fixture.

As well, 28% of Canadians don’t know how to change a flat tire – but when looking at just the women’s answers, that jumps to 48%.

“Industries that depend on skilled trade workers are key drivers of the Canadian economy contributing over 50% of Canada’s GDP. But the growing shortage of skilled trade workers is not only a concern for industry – it is only a matter of time before every Canadian will feel the impact in their everyday lives,” Thorson said.

Skills/Competences Canada commissioned the survey. The organization promotes careers in skilled trades and technologies.

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