Don’t Forget to Have Fun!

Don’t Forget to Have Fun!

by Kathleen Gerry
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Starting off in high school can be scary, especially if your list of things to do and your goals are weighing down on you. As important as it is to have goals and to be prepared to work hard, it very important to also be able to manage your stress by letting go and having some fun.

Everybody has fun in different ways, whether by playing a sport, playing a game, hanging out with friends, doing art, writing or spending time with family and friends. Playing a sport is a great way to focus your energy on something other than whatever is worrying you. Playing a game is a great way to learn some new things, whether it is through a video game or a board game, like Scrabble. Hanging out with friends will help you to connect with others who are facing similar problems and help you to cope with any stress that you are experiencing. Laughing with friends is a great way to release the ever important “happy brain chemicals”, your ally when it comes to facing stress in your life. Doing art can help you to explre any feelings that may be “stuck” or that need to be addressed. Writing can help to mobilize any thoughts or emotions you might have that are lying unconscious, under your level of awareness, ready to be discovered through creative writing.  Spending time with  family is a great way to connect with meaningful people in your life and share any stresses that you may be facing. Also, just relaxing and hanging out with people who you care about will help you to feel good and have fun.

The important thing is to avoid getting bogged down by your worries and seek an outlet for the playful part of yourself that can get pushed down in times of stress. By relieving stress and having a good time, you release feel good chemicals in your brain which will allow you to better survive and adapt in your everyday life.  Basically, in order to preserve our natural instincts, we must be able to let go and have fun every once and while. This will help us to be stronger and better adapted to our present day life.

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