No More Recess!

No More Recess!

by Michelle Osei-Bonsu
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One of the biggest transitions from elementary school to junior high school is dealing with the fact that there’s no more recess. Instead, you have one period of lunch during the day and a series of classes. This is a pretty big change, and it’ll definitely take a while to get used to, but soon enough you’ll find yourself managing – I promise!

One of the hardest parts about having no recess is finding time to spend with your friends. You and your best friends are going to have different class schedules and you might not have any classes with them. You might not even have the same lunch period! But don’t worry too much, because you can still work around this and find times to catch up with your buddies. You and your friends can plan ahead and meet up a few minutes before the beginning of the school day to hang out or just have a few minutes to talk. This is likely to put you in a good mood, which will make the rest of the day a lot more bearable. On the other hand, you can also plan to meet after the school day and walk home together. You can recount the events of the day and perhaps even go out for a snack to give you more time to spend together. You’ll definitely find a way to make it work!

You’re probably used to grabbing a quick snack during recess to keep you going throughout the day. But with no more recess, you might be unsure of when to find time to grab a bite to eat. Luckily, some junior high and high school teachers actually allow you to eat snacks in class, as long as you’re quiet and clean up your mess later. But remember, this doesn’t apply to all teachers so make sure you ask your teachers at the beginning of the year how they feel about snacks. Don’t be afraid to approach them; I’m sure they’ve been asked the same question dozens of times before. Also, if you’re the type to eat really small and quick snacks you can also munch on your snack in between classes. Most schools give you 5 to 10 minutes to get from class to class. You can spend a minute or two eating a granola bar or even half a snack before hurrying off to class.

Another major adjustment you’ll have to make is staying focused without a break. Some lunch breaks take place at the beginning or end of a day, which means you’ll have to endure several hours of class before you get a moment to yourself. You’ll have to take time to develop your own strategies but there are definitely some things that can help. For one, eating a big breakfast will help you get through the day. You’ll find it very difficult to focus on class when you’ve got a rumbling stomach. You can also help yourself to stay focused by drinking lots of water throughout the day because it has been scientifically proven to keep you more alert. One final tip is to make sure you’re well rested. It’s very difficult to retain information when you’re half asleep and dreaming of a warm bed.

With these tips, you can make the transition from having recess to not having recess easier on yourself. Good luck!

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