Career Profile: Power Line Technician

Career Profile: Power Line Technician

by Patrick Start
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As a power line technician, what would you do? Well, their tasks range from working with high and low voltage cabling to operating and maintaining structures associated with electrical equipment, such as switches and transformers. They work in all types of weather conditions and it’s a job that offers great benefits and flexibility.

Most power line technicians have some sort of post-secondary education in the trade itself or experience in a related field, such as a construction line  or cable technician. In general, these type of courses last 2 or more years. Both math and English prerequisites are essential, and selection is very competitive.

Power line technicians are often present after storms that have caused power outages. They normally work in aerial devices and in trees. It is important that candidates looking to get into the field do not have acrophobia (fear of heights) or claustrophobia (fear of confined spaces.) Candidates should enjoy working with their hands and constantly moving around.

Wages for power line technicians vary, but as an apprentice they usually receive 50% of the regular earnings of a journeyman. In this case, as an apprentice, one would earn $27/hour and eventually earn $49/hour.

Potential candidates should be aware that employers will require a clean driving record and may want you to have a valid CPR certification.

If you’re looking for an exciting career that involves constant mobility and excellent dexterity, then this might be the career for you!


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