Is An Arts Degree Worth the Money?

Is An Arts Degree Worth the Money?

by Kathleen Gerry
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Pursuing an arts degree offers you a wide range of opportunities to study in different areas, including languages, visual arts, theatrical arts, Canadian studies, film studies, aboriginal studies, English, environmental studies, geography, history, music and philosophy, among many others. Arts degrees are chosen by students who range from having solid career plans once they graduate to students who go to university to explore an area of interest and see where it leads them. While arts degrees are often criticized as not leading to any job in particular, they are not a waste of money. Arts degrees help to develop critical thinking skills, can lead to a myriad of different careers and provide a solid foundation for further studies.

My personal experience with getting an arts degree has been fairly rewarding. During my time at the University of Ottawa I took advantage of opportunities outside of my homework, an aspect of getting a university degree that is just as important as doing the school work itself. I was provided with many opportunities for networking with others in my field and I took on a leadership position as committee leader and also started a subgroup within sustainability in the university residences.

If you are concerned about money when you are heading off to university, be sure that you are choosing a degree that makes sense to you. Try making a pros and cons list to elucidate your reasons for going. Look over your list with people who matter to you including your family, supportive friends and any other relevant people like teachers and career counselors. The more you assert your reasons for spending the money, the more you will come to believe in yourself and the first step in your career.

I recommend connecting your area of interest to companies and organizations that will be of use to you while pursuing your studies. For example, if you are going to study music, what organizations are available for you to get in touch with in order to stay current with job opportunities? Looking into the job market to find out what can be done with an arts degree is something that is not explored by enough students, but it’s the perfect way to ensure you are making the right decision for yourself. Good luck!

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