Career Profile: Roofer

Career Profile: Roofer

by Erin Kelly
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When you are a roofer, you have many jobs. However, the main part of being a roofer is to install, re-install or repair roofs on any type of building structure. They can work on industrial or residential buildings. You must not be afraid of heights, love working with your hands, and have a keen eye for detail. Roofers work with materials such as shingles, slate, asphalt, aluminum, wood, or related materials.[1] Some sample job titles within the roofing industry can be: aluminum shingle roofer, applicator, composition roofer, gravel roofer, gypsum roofer, metal roofer, slate roofer.[2] A roofer, as you may have already guessed, works outside, 99% of the time. You might end up working in harsh weather, and or be a seasonal worker. Although roofers work in the winter, there are always more jobs available in the spring, summer and fall seasons.

Education and Training:

The best way to become a roofer is through an apprenticeship. However, according to http://www.roofingcanada.com/, you can either choose to have around 3 years of work experience in the trade with your high school diploma or GED, or a two-three year apprenticeship program in order to qualify for trade certification. Also, “Roofing trade certification is compulsory in Quebec and British Columbia and available, but voluntary, in Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, the Yukon and the Northwest Territories.”[3] Thus, it is much better to learn everything you can through programs and education, or you will be working outside of the industry standard requirements. As always, the more education and experience you gain, the better your salary will be. Conestoga College in Ontario offers a Roofing Fundamentals program that will set you up to receive an Ontario College Certificate. It will teach you the basics of roofing and also give you a chance to work in the field.

Salary and Wages:

The national pay range for a roofer is from $14.75 to $31.29. The national average pay per hour is $21.94. Again, when starting out or working in an apprenticeship program, you might not be making very much money. Your pay will increase with time like every job, within reason. The national salary range for a roofer is $31,411 to $73,978. So, if you keep learning and gaining experience in roofing, you can make very decent money.

There are 3 consistent job characteristics of being a roofer: working outside, being up high (heights), and working with your hands. If you can accept those main characteristics of the job, give it a try!


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