Disability Studies: Exploring the...

Disability Studies: Exploring the Margins ( Conference in Hawaii)

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The conference Disability Studies: Exploring the Margins from the Center and the Center from the Margins will take place from April 25-26, 2016 at the Hawaii Convention Center, Honolulu, Hawaii. The due date for conference submissions is December 17, 2015.

Follow this link for proposal questions: http://neads.ca/en/about/media/index.php?id=302

Disability-related issues are becoming more and more mainstreamed. For instance, several universities are starting to offer Disability Studies as an undergraduate major option. At the same time, people with various disabilities, ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations and gender issues, for example, expressly discuss how they remain at the margins and may be even at the margins of the margins.

Where does Disability Studies fit in these discussions of multiple oppressions/identities and social inequalities, and what are scholars doing to advance theories and understandings of intersectionality? We are interested in presentations that will address less discussed areas of contemplation, critical reflection and analysis.

If you have a proposal that may not fit in to the above targets, we will welcome them as part of our discussion. We welcome proposals in any presentation format. We also welcome presentations in innovative formats including readings, performance art, graphics and roundtables. Please see presentation formats on our webpage at http://www.pacrim.hawaii.edu/presenters/formats. Please check the criteria for each format and ensure that you have the appropriate number of presenters for your chosen format. You may submit proposals online at: http://www.pacrim.hawaii.edu/submissions or send your proposals via email to prcall@hawaii.edu. For more information about this topic area, contact the topic chair, Steve Brown, sebrown@hawaii.edu.

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