Family Pressure

Family Pressure

by Susan Huebert
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Everyone deals with pressure at some point in life, whether it comes from work, school, friends or family. Sometimes, the pressure to get good grades, decide on a career or to get involved in extra activities can be very difficult. How do you manage these pressures, especially from your family? Knowing how to deal with family pressure can help you live a less stressful and more enjoyable life.

All parents want their children to get good jobs and to be successful in life. They might pressure their children to get involved in clubs, to volunteer on committees, or to take extra courses. Brothers and sisters might also add to the pressure through teasing or trying to compete with you, maybe to impress Mom and Dad.

Being under pressure can be very stressful, but you can learn how to deal with it. The first thing to try is to talk to your family and work things out. For example, if your parents want you to get better grades and you really feel that it’s too much for you to manage, you can try to let them know that you have tried hard but have been unable to achieve high grades. If you really feel that you have done all that you can, let your family know.

Sometimes, all that is necessary to relieve stress is to try a new schedule. If you find that you have to rush out the door every morning, for example, you could try setting your alarm clock for fifteen minutes earlier than usual to allow yourself more time. It can also help to relieve pressure if you take a few minutes every day to do something that you enjoy, such as going for a walk or visiting with a friend.

As you consider ways to deal with pressure, you should also remember the other people around you. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other relatives can all help give support as you try to deal with everything that people expect. They might even help you understand your parents better. If your father always wanted to have a better job, for example, that might help explain why your parents want you to go to university or to try for a high-pressure career. This knowledge can help you explain your point of view to your parents.

Family pressure will probably never disappear, but you can learn to manage it. That way, you can enjoy both the quiet and busy times of life and still have a good relationship with your family, friends, and teachers.


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