Happy Holidays from JobsPeopleDo!

Happy Holidays from JobsPeopleDo!

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December can be a very busy, hectic month. Between shopping for Holiday gifts and attending parties, you will most likely be dedicating time to study for exams and finals. The excitement of a brand new year is upon you, and you will be taking the time to reflect on your year- what you accomplished, what you didn’t, and what you want to accomplish in the new year.

This month, JPD has some great articles like how to handle exams, what you can do when you feel bogged down with school work, managing family and peer pressure, and how to motivate yourself. We also have a special article on how to save money during the holiday season (Scholarships). In our Trades section, we have a number of Career Profiles to catch up on, as well as information on scholarships in the trades.

Be sure to check out our brand new job videos on being a Construction Manager, Engineer Technologist, Marine Engineer, Physiotherapist Assistant, Public Relations Rep, Speech Language Pathologist, and Veterinarian.

Whatever your December schedule entails, keep in mind that balance can be the key to success during the holiday season.

Happy Holidays and see you in 2016!


Erin Lynne Bouman

Content Editor

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