I Hate Homework: Why homework is...

I Hate Homework: Why homework is important and how to get through it.

by Laura Sciarpelletti
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No one likes being made to do what he or she does not like, and homework is the ultimate example of that. The truth is that of course homework can be the worst, especially when there are so many things you would rather put your time and energy into. For example, ever since I can remember I’ve absolutely despised math- HATED it. I couldn’t bare math classes, math discussions, and most of all, math homework. But I knew that the universities I wanted to get into would not accept me without my grade eleven math. So I worked through it and now I never have to take another math class ever again.

As you climb the grade ladder towards high school, you will begin to have more control over the classes you take. The homework you hand in is reflective of your skills and work ethic, and even though you may hate doing it you must remember that it is something we must all go through in order to ultimately do what we want for ourselves. Doing homework builds necessary skills and responsibility, even if the content of that homework is not interesting to you. Here are some ways you can get through this important part of school with as much ease as possible:

Get a homework buddy.

Sometimes if there is a friend around, homework can go by faster—if you both stay on track that is. If you have the same homework, do problems and writing etc. apart, and then discuss together what you have done and make suggestions. Having a comrade can make homework go by quicker, improve your production, and the social element will make it seem less tedious. Take a break together to go for a walk, play a game or have a snack. Whatever you do during that break time, make sure you’re both moving. A little activity will help clear your head and allow you to return to the homework refreshed.

Set up a rewards system.

Make sure there is a snack or activity waiting for you at the end of a homework session. Call your best friend, go for a bike ride, or watch that movie you have been dying to get on DVD. Whatever your reward is, save it for the completion of your homework. A rewards system will promote a ‘work before play’ mentality that will greatly help your work ethic throughout your life, and make those rewards so much more enjoyable as you will associate them with a sense of freedom.

Spread it out.

Sometimes doing all your homework at once can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Try to break it a part and set up times for each subject or assignment. If you produce better work by completing everything at once, take a long break after you finish and then return to the homework to review what you have done. This kind of careful approach will help to develop a sense of pride in yourself and your abilities.

Homework; someone has to do it, and guess what?

That someone is you.

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