Electronic Organizational Tools for...

Electronic Organizational Tools for Students

by Laura Sciarpelletti
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How many times have you completely forgotten a due date or that you were supposed to meet with a fellow student on a group project? Are you having a hard time compartmentalizing large projects and tasks? What about that social life you would like to have with all those coffee dates and happy birthdays to wish? Luckily we live in a time of endless electronic resources for your every organizational need. That being said, sometimes it can be difficult to narrow down what to use. So here is a list of five apps/programs to use besides your phone’s built-in calendar. Let’s get organized!


This project management app features “boards” which contain “lists” for tasks. The “cards” contained in the lists correspond to the particular tasks. This is perfect for breaking down assignments and large projects, particularly for groups and organizations. If you are a teacher, teacher’s assistant or tutor this app is absolutely perfect for lesson planning. Very recently Microsoft launched a Trello-like component called Microsoft Planner. Microsoft users can compare and contrast Trello with this new app to decide which they like best.



One of the most popular tools for students and really anyone is Excel. This program is so popular because it features many spreadsheet templates to sort through for your specific organizing needs. From to-do lists to budget worksheets, Excel is an all in one. It lacks the simplistic construct of some of these other apps, but numerous how-to videos can be found on the web to improve your understanding and ability to use Excel to its full extent.


Completely simple in format and therefore more than easy to use, this calendar app helps you to set up reminders and organize meetings, deadlines, tests and appointments. It can be used for both work and school setting, although it does lend itself particularly well to the busy individual who does it all and doesn’t have time to remember every little thing themselves.



Strictly for schoolwork, TrackClass features a calendar application that keeps an eye on your progress and schedule. You will be reminded when you have a midterm or final coming up—right down to the last fifteen minutes—and labs and tutorials will be formatted in a simple and comprehensive way. You can even take notes on the program that will ensure that you never lose them. The website features a tour, so take it to see if TrackClass is right for you.



Very similar to TrackClass, Soshiku helps students organize their work in a practical way. This is ideal for high school and college assignments and projects, and the app will email you reminders on due dates. The basic version of this program is free, but going pro only costs $5. Some handy features of Soshiku are that assignments can be searched for in the tool bar, courses can be organized and labeled, you can share messages and attachments and tasks with friends, and assignments and reminders can be added right from your own phone.

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