How to Make your Dorm a Home

How to Make your Dorm a Home

by Laura Sciarpelletti
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A new setting can be exciting, scary, sad or a little bit of all three. Chances are that if you are moving into a dorm at your new college or university, it is your first time living away from your family. The space may be a little smaller than you are used to, and now you are surrounded by numerous people your own age. While having a living situation technically at school can seem to be the very opposite of “homey”, there are ways to make your space a warm, comfortable expression of you.

Study in the library

If you are constantly associating your dorm with studying, it will always feel like you need to escape it. Try to utilize the campuses library and study rooms for the bulk of your study time. This will make your dorm feel like a home and an escape from the madness. You may also find it a lot easier to concentrate on studying if you are in a scholarly setting as opposed to one filled with your things.

Collage, paper wall mural

Make your dorm the epitome of a niche. Cover your walls with your personality—whether it be with literary figures, sports, pictures of your friends and family, music etc. You want to look at your walls and smile, not feel confined by them. Try not to have too much school stuff like outlines and notes on the walls. Have a section specifically dedicated to that in the corner.

Potted plants, air plant terrariums

Mother nature has uplifting qualities. Having something to care for is great, and you can choose the plants you grow based on your personality, but also the sight of green and alive beautiful things in your dorm will give you a sense of pride while providing a natural touch. Keep a little spring in your winter month with hanging flowers, herb pots and cacti.

Christmas lights are not just for Christmas

Don’t live in the dark! A little bit of lighting will affect your mood and looks super cool. It will give you the sense of warmth and coziness. Decorating your dorm with lights is a sure-fire way of keeping a small setting exciting. Lighting affects you more than your know, and dreary lighting can affect your motivation and depression levels.

Utilize the shared kitchen for storage

Oftentimes university students get caught up in the on-campus life and either eat at the cafeteria and fast food places often or store piles of easy-make food in their dorms. As a dorm resident you have access to the shared kitchen and storage areas. Keep your food out of your dorm to lessen clutter and separate the sleeping area from the food preparation area. This will make you feel less like you are living in a temporary situation and more like you are living in a proper home. Be sure to label your food and keep tabs on what you purchase.

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