The Biggest Scholarships in Canada

The Biggest Scholarships in Canada

by Laura Sciarpelletti
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There is so much knowledge to be gained for post-secondary, but also so much debt. With all the little scholarships floating around out there and just waiting to be grabbed, Canada is also home to some pretty major sources of free money. Here are three of the biggest ones in Canada:

TD Scholarship for Community Leadership

Due: Early December

Amount: There are up to 20 awards valuing in  $70,000 each. This includes a maximum of $10,000 in tuition payments per year, $7,500 for living expenses and a coveted offer of paid summer employment. Furthermore, with this scholarship you will have access to mentorships and networking events, which are invaluable. This is one of the most well-rounded large scholarships out there and therefore very competitive.

Requirements: A 600-word essay describing how you personally excel in community leadership (make it super personal and don’t forget to brag!), a letter of recommendation from your school, two letters of support from community groups and an academic transcript. There is an additional component for two optional essays. Obviously those that take this route have a better chance at getting the scholarship.

Eligibility: High-school students in their final year who have an overall grade average of at least 75%.


The Loran Award

Due: Mid to late October

Requirements: You must submit a 7-page application form. This consists of essay questions and detailed information about you personally, your extra-curricular activities and anything else you deem important. Be thorough!

 Amount: 30 separate awards of $80,000 each.

 Eligibility: Canadian citizens who are graduating from high school with an average of above 85% throughout all four years of high school.


Schulich Leader Scholarship

Due: Early February

 Requirements: You must be nominated by your high school first. If you are selected you will then fill out an online application. Universities choose their Schulich Leaders for their own institution.

Amount: 40 awards of $60,000 each.

Eligibility: Canadian citizens or permanent residents who can prove that they have two of the following attributes: financial need (but there must be an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics), academic excellence and outstanding community, business or entrepreneurial leadership.

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