Cheers to Another Successful Year!

Cheers to Another Successful Year!

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You are now in your final month of school and you made it with great success! Whether you are heading off to post-secondary school or climbing to another grade, the team at JPD wishes you luck in all your future endeavours- school or otherwise.

You are probably studying for final exams and tests right now, but don’t worry- relaxation and fun are in sight. Summer break is a great time for doing volunteering, starting an apprenticeship or a new job. In between these more calculated activities, make sure you take time out for yourself to relax and relish in your successful year. Even if you think you didn’t have a good year, you can always improve, start again and learn from your mistakes.

In the June issue of JPD, we have lots of great articles that may help you out during the summer months: how to look for summer jobs and different types of summer jobs, looking for off-campus and on-campus housing, prepping for your first year of post-secondary, different volunteer options, and articles on different hobbies and activities like learning calligraphy!

Got some time on your hands this summer? Want to write for JPD starting this September 2017? Send me an email of inquiry this summer at JPDeditor@magiclanternmedia.com and I’ll fill you in on how you can be a part of the team!

Thank you to all the readers and supporters of JPD this year and we hope you will all join us again in September 2017!


Stay Safe,

Erin Lynne Bouman

Content Editor 

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