How Tutoring Can Help You Make the Most...

How Tutoring Can Help You Make the Most out of Campus Life

by Anthony Teles
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College and university campuses offer great freedom to students. The customized schedule, self-directed study, and access to numerous campus events provide ample opportunities to lead a fulfilling post-secondary life. The choices you make can have a profound impact on the years following your graduation. One of the best ways to capitalize on this unique setting is to offer tutoring services on campus.

If you are primarily looking for income, tutoring is in many ways preferable to more traditional part-time jobs. Many tutors charge amounts far higher than minimum wage. Sessions with each pupil last one or two hours. It only takes a few clients for this to add up to a healthy weekly income. This is money that can be saved for the future or used to help you with course materials, transportation, and living expenses. Having your own tutoring business also teaches you what it takes to run a company. You will have to set your own hours, which can ideally be placed before or after your commuting to a job.

All jobs have transferrable skills, but it is easier to demonstrate a connection between tutoring specific subjects and careers in those fields. Whichever topics you decide to focus on, ensure that you have a strong passion for them and credentials to support your choice. No one will be interested in a tutor who can supposedly teach anything. Credentials can include your major, minor, certificates, previous work or teaching experience, and anything else that could be used on a resume. By using the subjects of your major or minor, you will be better focused on your studies. Tutoring others can in turn be a great way to help you perform better in your courses.

Once you have committed to the idea and selected your areas of expertise, prepare a pitch for your services. This is not all that different from a cover letter, and must succinctly explain what you are offering to teach, why you are qualified to do so, and how students can benefit from your services. This is not the time for modesty; feel free to include your grades, achievements, and testimonials from previous students or teachers. This advertisement can be placed online using sites such as Craigslist, Kijiji, university forums, and Facebook groups. Many campuses, coffee shops, libraries, and community centres have notice boards and will allow you to post your printed advertisement.

All of this requires greater initiative compared to handing your resume to a company for a part-time job. However, there are many benefits to reap from tutoring on campus. The ideal location, flexible hours, great pay, and valuable experience make it unique from other part-time work. You can easily schedule your students so that you can engage in other events and activities on campus. The experience can be crucial in helping you acquire work after graduation. Tutoring while in college or university is a fantastic way to utilize the opportunities your post-secondary years have to offer.


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