I Feel Sad; how can I feel better?

I Feel Sad; how can I feel better?

by Laura Sciarpelletti
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There are so many different angles to feeling sad. Whether it’s weather related, family or friend issue related or maybe medical…feeling sad is normal. The way you deal with it, however, can ultimately affect the person you are to become. Humans can get into patterns very easily, and believe it or not those patterns can follow you your entire life. That means that analyzing and improving the way you handle sadness now can really benefit you for years to come.

Admit what you are feeling

If we don’t accept that we are sad, there is no way we can find the headspace to feel better. It may sound like a cliché, but accepting that the problem exists is the first step. Don’t deny what you know to be true (and yes that is a Jedi reference), but instead be completely accepting that you are indeed sad. No one truly likes to be sad, so once you have a handle on the truth of that emotion, ask yourself what the factors are that contribute to your mood. Are these factors things you personally can change? For instance, is your temper or bad habits causing your mood to fall? Or is it a problem that you can’t control? If that last one is the case, finding ways to locate inner peace are important.


Exercise is the answer to so many problems in life; of course it can help with this one! Exercise helps to reduce anxiety and depression, improving your overall mood. Regular exercise releases endorphins. These endorphins interact with the receptors that live in your brain. And those receptors help reduce your perception of pain, whether physical or emotional. Endorphins also trigger a wonderful feeling in your body—like a natural kind or morphine or drug!

Learn how to bounce back from failures

Life is never going to be without its failures. Accept that—yes—you will fail, but all humans do and you are no different. Failures are tests that prove the capabilities of a human. Beat down those failures. Swear that they won’t tear you down. One great idea is to ‘fake it until you feel it’—this means that even though you may be sad, react like you feel a different way and you just may trick yourself into being more positive. Set an intention for yourself and make strides to make that intention a reality.

Get support

Ask. For. Help. Always ask for help. No great battles were fought alone. Even great solo warriors had a wise old Yoda type in the wings for advice (last Star Wars reference, we promise). Teachers, parents, councilors, doctors, pastors, friends…there are so many people out there that want to hear you. Because you are important. And being made to feel important is real firepower against sadness.

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