Job Shadowing to Decide on a Trades...

Job Shadowing to Decide on a Trades Career

by Meghan Brown
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Before you even finish high school, you might already know that you want to go into a trades career, and which trade you are interested in.  On the other hand, you may still be unsure about which career path or specific trade will be a good fit for you.

There are lots of resources online that will tell you about the different trades, what’s involved and what you need to know.  Doing your research is essential – but getting up close and personal is even better.

Job shadowing offers students who are thinking about a career in the trades some valuable opportunities to learn about prospective jobs. You will get the chance to experience what it’s like to work in a trade before you commit yourself to a college program, trade school, or apprenticeship.

There are some specific benefits you can get from job shadowing while you decide on your trades career.

Learn From an Expert

One of the main benefits to a job shadow is the fact that you get to learn from an expert in that trade.  They can share their experiences, how they got into the trade, and can tell you about the pros and cons to watch out for in this career path.

Hearing this information directly from an experienced professional, and having the opportunity to ask questions, means you can gain a deeper understanding of the expectations and responsibilities that come with a career in that trade.

See What’s Involved in the Day-to-Day

It can be hard to know each and every task involved in a specific job, especially in the trades where there is often lots of variety depending on the jobsite or project you’re working on. Participating in some job shadowing can help you learn about the different daily tasks involved in a specific job or trade.

You can also see a bit of what is involved in other roles and areas of the trade, because you will meet other tradespeople who work at different aspects of the job – and most people are more than willing to answer any questions you may have.

Try Several Trades to Find the Perfect Fit

Many trades are very different, which means job shadow opportunities can let you experience several different potential careers to find a trade that suits you best, before you make your final decision on what trade to pursue.

Job shadowing is probably the best way to make sure you like and are interested in what the trade entails, before you commit your time and money to school or an apprenticeship, only to discover that you are bored or uninterested.





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