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Pathways Health Centre for Children: Help for People in Need

by Susan Huebert
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Some websites are destinations in themselves, but others are paths to something else. That’s what the Pathways Health Centre for Children website is: a guide to other resources that people can use when they are in need. If you or someone you know is looking for information on where to find resources for dealing with certain health or developmental issues, this website might be a good place to start.

Suppose that someone needed access to a children’s hospital or medical services for someone in bad health. The Pathways site has information on all kinds of topics like these. Both the physical and emotional aspects of health are covered on the site, and the focus is on both children and their families.

Research is the focus of the website, with information on the best treatment and most useful resources. Two of the aspects that the website covers are people who are medically fragile and also a faith-based site called Christian Horizons, which also serves people who have developmental issues. Others deal with treatment centres and other resources, but they all have useful information for people with a variety of needs. Although the organization is based in Sarnia, Ontario, the website includes useful information for people living in other parts of the province.

Besides the links to various organizations, the website includes information on programs and services available at Pathways, as well as information on the organization and how people can support it, both financially and otherwise. News and events listed at the side of the page give people the chance to learn about arts events, summer programs, and more. Even if the programs themselves are not what you and your family need, something like an art tour or summer camp for children could be a good option.

Life can be difficult, even without the challenges of a disability in the family. The Pathways Health Centre for Children website attempts to deal with some of these issues by providing information about available programs and services. The website is quite easy to navigate. A history of the organization helps to give a context for the organization, and other information gives useful background information.

No website can give all possible information for every situation, but the Pathways site does a good job of giving as much information as possible without being cluttered. For people in the Sarnia area and other parts of Ontario, the Pathways site is a good place to check.

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